What types of contestants are you looking for? Do I need to be an expert Pyramid player in order to be considered?

We are looking for people who are energetic with a good sense of humor and who are excellent at the game. We strongly recommend you watch several episodes / clips of our first season that aired over the summer to get a sense of how the game is played. If you are selected for an interview, you will be tested in order to move to the next phase of the casting process. This season we are looking for even stronger players – so get your friends and family together and practice playing the game!

How do I apply online? What do I have to do?

You will need to make a video (see Video instructions HERE) and fill out the online application HERE.

If I have previously submitted an application, should I apply again for another chance?


No – Please DO NOT apply again. We have all of the applications on file from each season and review accordingly. We will certainly reach out if we’d like to consider you as a contestant for an upcoming season.

Will there be open calls, and should I go even if I’ve already applied?

Yes! We will be holding open calls in select cities (New York City, Chicago and Atlanta) February 2017. Please see the OPEN CALL tab for specific details.  We would LOVE to meet you in person, so if you are within driving / train distance to one of these cities, please still apply here and come see us! This will be a great opportunity for the casting team to really get a sense of who you are! If you are not near one of these cities, don’t worry! We will still be reviewing all online applications and set up phone and Skype interviews for those we are interested in moving forward with.

NOTE: If you received a phone call or skype audition for a prior season, you DO NOT need to come to an open call. We remember you and will reach out if we think you’re a fit for this round of casting.

When can I expect to know if I’ve been selected to participate on the show? Will I be notified if I am selected or not?

We will be reviewing all completed applications, and will reach out between the months of February – April 2017 to those we would like to learn more about. We will be notifying the candidates who have NOT been selected ONLY if they have received a Skype interview/audition (this does not include phone interviews only). Should you have had an interview and not heard back from us within 1-2 months of your audition, please know we are still making decisions. Again, we will let you know if you have not been selected via email ONLY if you had an audition. Please DO NOT email us asking if you are still in the running.

If I am selected, where and when will the show be filmed? What is the time commitment?

Film dates for Season 2 are set for mid/late April – early May in New York City.
If you are selected to be a contestant, filming will require one full day commitment. If you are traveling from out of town, expect to commit about 3 days to the process (travel to NYC, shoot day, travel home).

What’s the most I could win if on the show?

Contestants have the opportunity to win up to $150,000 plus a luxury vacation.

Are travel and accommodations provided if I’m selected as a contestant and don’t live near New York City?

Yes! We will provide appropriate travel (airfare or train depending on distance and scheduling) and hotel accommodations for you AND ONLY YOU. We will NOT cover the cost for a guest to accompany you.

Any other questions not addressed above can be directed to: